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Monday, December 05, 2005

Wonderful Blog

This is a wonderful blog I just found. Ben wrote this on the 3rd:

"What Bobby and the others don't get was that downloading from The Archive wasn't simply about getting free music. Yes, that was nice and was certainly more convenient than traditional tape trading. It was about much more. The Archive had become a vibrant community which enabled fans, new and old to share their thoughts and experiences. It was about exploration and re-living wonderful memories. Overall, it represented the epitome of the spirit of the band for so many years, that once they had played their music, it was ours. For many regular users, it was an online community that brought together people in a way that traditional tape trading never could.

These are my opinions of course. Probably the most disappointing thing about this past week is the fact that this issue has fractured the band and the community worse than ever before. Bobby's hardline stance on this subject certainly has not done anything to improve his image with many fans. It's a damn shame too, I've always loved Bobby's music, and probably always will. I'm just disappointed, that's all, disappointed that he saw The Archive as a threat rather than the great 'experience' that it provided many of us."

And this on the 2nd:

"I can't praise enough the incredible extensive coverage of this past week's Grateful Dead/LMA events at the Grateful Dead News Blog and Uncle John's Blog. Kudos is well deserved to the time and effort put into their work. The post from my alma mater's newspaper about tonight's Phil and Friends show at The Patriot Center made me feel a bit guilty about not being there. Had a conflict though, hope to catch Phil next time around.

Rather than repost links to the recent articles they posted, I thought I might comment on a couple quotes from McNally and Mickey from those posts:

McNally: "It makes the band happy and it makes 99 percent of all deadheads happy. There is the one percent who will never be happy until the band shows up in their living rooms."

Dennis still doesn't get it, does he. First of all, it's probably more than just one percent that still are not completely happy, and all they want is to be able to download SBDs again. I know that it's probably an unjustified sense of entitlement behind that feeling, but I just find that statement by Dennis to be condescending, not to mention still out-of-touch with the reality of the situation.

McNally: "We didn't create a giant one-stop place for swapping the music online. That happened behind our back and was presented as a fait accompli."

Happened behind our back? The Archive has been around for how long now? Phil said himself that he used it when he was writing his book! Who does Dennis really mean when he says "we"?

Mickey: "I fully support the position taken by Phil in his message and always have. Being a field recordist myself, I stand united with the taper community and always will notwithstanding anything in the media to the contrary."

OK, so Phil and Mickey have officially denied involvement in any decisions related to this matter. I get the sense from Justin that Bill wasn't involved either. I've heard that it was one against three on this issue. Guess that implicated Bobby then, huh. Haven't heard anything from him yet either. Hmmm. And quite ironic that I am now listening to Music Never Stopped while writing this. Hmmm."

Thanks Ben!


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