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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mickey Hart (the before)

Mickey Hart on file sharing
Mickey Hart, former drummer for the Grateful Dead, is on stage at Web 2.0 right now and making a whole lot of sense. Jeff Mallet from SNOCAP, a digital licensing and copyright management company is also part of the discussion panel to represent the paid model. Some choice quotes from Mickey:

"[The fans] didn't steal it, we gave it away"

"If we ever make a good album, they'll buy that."

"I've probably been recorded more than anyone else."

"We played in the park and we always played better when we played free. I think it's a good thing to share and give people something. Whets their appetite too...if they go to the trouble to bring a machine and tape it, they should have it."

from Niall Kennedy's Weblog


  • At 8:50 AM, Blogger Upstate said…

    The funny thing about all of this, is I thought the music of the Grateful Dead told a story. The sort of music you want many generations to have and to hold. Tradition, history, future...All of a sudden you realize that $$ is much stronger than you think. One gains ground in life and thinks well $$ has Tradition, history, and future...and people get lost in the story. I think this is what has happend here, if the people that made this decision think about it in terms of business, you're pissing off the hand that fed and still feeds the mouth. You can't take back what you once gave, or I guess that's the american way, so you can. If you want your story to be told you must still hold true to the roots that you set 40 years ago. This is not the way I want the story to go. OH HOW MONEY CAN RUIN A GOOD STORY...


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